Followership: Without Great Followers Leaders Would Fail

Coach Winn

“If your ego gets in the way of knowing how valuable you are as a team member, it is because your ego can’t see that winning requires the ability to see the value of contribution.” –Coach Winn How many times have you seen training offered for individuals to be great team members? Granted there are … Read more

A Key Leadership Principle: Communication

Coach Winn Speaks

“Your ability to lead is dependent upon your ability to listen.” -Coach Winn When I speak all around the country about leadership principles, the number one question I receive is: “How do I effectively communicate with my team members?” Most leaders struggle, because they believe effective communication is about talking. While talking is important, you … Read more

How You Build a Meaningful Conversation

We build every relationship one honest conversation at a time. What happens in most conversations is that we fail to speak honestly. As children we learned to filter our words. We were told certain words were impolite, rude, or hurtful. We were taught to use white lies, to hide the truth, and to shield others … Read more