Sherry Winn’s team of winning experts guarantees: Leaders That Inspire. Teams That Deliver. Cultures That Win!


Companies desire to:

Attract top talent and keep high employee retention.

Ten times their sales in half the time.

Use laser focus on priority issues to reach goals faster.

Transform teams into gold medal winners.

Save time while increasing productivity and profit.

Find instant solutions to team challenges.

Become the undeniable leader in your field.

With over 34 years of practicing leadership as National Championship Basketball Coach and Two-Time Olympian, Sherry is an expert on coaching leaders and team members to championship status. She has successfully taken leaders beyond their levels of comfort to “WIN” against competitors who were superior in talent, facilities and financial budgets. Through her WIN Philosophy™ and WINNER Principles™, she shares insider secrets on how to succeed even when the odds seem insurmountable so that your team feels, acts, and conquers their goals like Olympians.

Leadership Coaching
leadership coaching training

Oh, and you are not required to do push-ups when you meet with Sherry Winn or the Winning Leadership Team…maybe mental push-ups which will thoroughly exhaust you, but absolutely no sprints. Promise.

The Winning Leadership Team consults for C-Suite leadership development, sales leaders, service leaders, middle-management, and teams.
Key Leadership Principle Communication

Organizations come to Sherry Winn and the Winning Leadership team to discover how to:

leadership coaching skills

Create Gold Medal Businesses

what is leadership coaching

Grow Championship Teams .

leadership coaching keynote speaker

Win More Sales for Their Customers

leadership coaching speaker

Become the Leader in Their Field

leadership coaching professional

Cultivate Leaders Who Sustain Championship Teams

Basically, Sherry has the unusual skill of being able to produce winners against all odds.

Our team at the Winning Leadership Company only have room for about 15 clients a year, and frequently have a waiting list to work with Sherry individually or with her team.

So, you may have to be patient to get an appointment, but we promise you it will be worth it!

If you really want to grow and succeed, contact us now.

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Imagine in a year from now all the goals that you have for yourself and your team have come true.

We guarantee every goal you desire will be achieved in record time.
Custom-designed programs to the finish line and all you’ve imagined.
(If you want something totally custom-designed just for you, then we are the right fit for you.)