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5 Common Mistakes New Leaders Make and How to Avoid Them

HOW TO AVOID 5 COMMON MISTAKES NEW LEADERS MAKE In the ever-changing business landscape, it is essential for new leaders to make the right mistakes to learn and grow. But what are the most common mistakes made by new leaders? And how can they be avoided? Here are 5 mistakes new leaders make and how

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How to Achieve Success With These Five Habits

How to Achieve Success With These Five Habits The most well-known individuals who are regarded as “natural-born” business leaders include Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and Steve Jobs. Many businesses also tried to incorporate this idea of leadership into their daily operations. Some of them were successful, and this altered the way

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8 Post-Pandemic Mindset Superpowers

Post-Pandemic Entrepreneurial Thinking The Coronavirus Pandemic certainly tested our capacity for change, innovation, and resiliency, especially during the lockdown. During the lockdown, time seemed to pass ever so slowly; there was uncertainty in the air. This seemed to trigger all kinds of emotions in all of us. Some of us felt helplessness, fright, and anxiety naturally

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5 Top Challenges Executives Need To Overcome

Not every challenge can be listed in a short blog, but it could spell disaster for the organization if not addressed. An extraordinary leader will overcome those challenges by developing a skill set and addressing these five challenges.

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4 Positive Mindset Shift For Small Businesses

Four Key Positive Mindset Tips for Small Business Owners Photo by Mike Petrucci Unsplash | Small Business Open Sign Many small business owners may think they need to double production and profit to succeed, but happiness comes from doing the opposite. I often ask my clients what their number one goal in business is. They

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The 7 Winning Principles of Effective Leadership

There are many qualities that top athletes and top business leaders share. Top leaders can agree that knowledge and a certain level of talent are essential, but it takes more than that. My seven winning approaches to leadership describe what to do but most importantly what to avoid. These principles were developed from lessons learned as a two-time Olympic athlete and as a winning coach.

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3 Reasons to Get Your CEO To Address Cyber Security Attacks

How to convince your CEO to address Cyber Security Risks? Cyber security is one of the most important issues facing businesses today. To protect your company from cyber-attacks, you must convince your CEO that addressing these risks is critical. Here are three typical reasons that are practical from an informational standpoint. The Cost of Not

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