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Five Reasons Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail

Getting Committed The first reason New Year’s Resolutions fail is that people are not committed. They are interested in becoming better, but interest never goes past an obstacle. When people are interested, they say things like: “It would be nice to be thinner,” or “I would like to exercise more.” Those are not committed statements.

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The Real Definition of a Win

Many of my clients have asked me to reflect on my wins for 2021. When I was a basketball coach and an Olympic athlete, I would have given stats, titles, honors, and awards. I would have told you how many games we won, the opponents we defeated, or how we ranked #3 in the nation

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Top Priority of Any Organization Revealed

I was recently interviewing Norman Frederick who is the Executive Vice President of NTT Data Services for my upcoming book on leadership. Norman told me that he believed that people are an organization’s greatest asset. He said the order of things that leaders should focus on are: Your team members. Your customers. Your business. I

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How To Nullify The Excuses Of Victimhood

What is a victim? Victims are people who blame outside circumstances, events or people for their problems. We have a tendency to think of a certain category of people as victims rather than seeing ourselves as victims. We hear when other people are blaming things for their demise, but do we hear ourselves? “The reason

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The Secret to knowing when the Right thing is actually Wrong

Most of us live by a moral code except for sociopaths and psychopaths. Then, why are we so divided as people if we are all trying to do the right thing? To live cohesively on this one planet, we need to understand that other people think differently and live differently than what we think is

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How to Move Beyond the Number One Cause of Conflict

Does being right make you happy? Does being right bring you more success? When I was a teenager, I thought I had to be right to be happy. Okay, I confess. It was something I believed until I was 45. When contemplating the need to be right,  you might believe that you would never sacrifice happiness

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Winning Ethical Dilemmas

You have heard the quote: “That is why you are getting paid the big bucks.” Leaders often receive this answer when they complain about challenging decisions as if getting paid more money makes the ethical dilemma easier. Last week, when speaking on the social media platform, Club House, I heard an interesting idea around ethical

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Is It Okay to Justify Poor Actions for Good Results?

            GAINING POWER CAN LEAD TO LOSING VALUES In the past few weeks, we have witnessed government leaders who have lied, betrayed, and twisted the truth for their own gain. I would love to say that this is the first time I have witnessed such behavior, but it is not,

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Why the Presidential Election Will Not Radically Change Your Life

  I am the first to admit that the leadup and days prior to the Presidential Election brought me great anxiety. I fretted, agonized, lost sleep, drank wine, debated on Facebook, and worst of all told my mother that she was voting for the wrong candidate. I believed that if my candidate did not win

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