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Two-Time Olympian, National Championship Basketball Coach, Award-Winning Speaker and Author

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"The WIN Philosophy and WINNER Principles connect you with
the force you were meant to be and allow you to become
your greatest achievement."

Super Bowl Champion, NFL Man of The Year, NFL Football Analyst & Featured in the Blockbuster Movie, The Blindside

Do you love humorous speakers with a dynamic message? Sherry Winn will bring your audience from tears to laughter with a message that is original, authentic, and inspirational. Her compelling stories keep your audience members on the edge of their seats. Guaranteed!

Winning Leadership: Leaders That Motivate, Teams That Deliver, and Cultures That Win! Guaranteed!
Leading your team to Gold Medal status requires innovative thinking, adaption to change, and a culture that creates motivated leaders and team members who want to win. Most companies and organizations are adept at demotivating their teams, but few excel at motivating them. People join companies but depart poor leadership.

After 34 years of leading elite athletic teams from college basketball to the Olympics, Sherry Winn brings three and half decades of championship mentality to your team.

Leadership Coaching

In this exciting program, you will discover:

Effectively engage team members for top results.

leadership principles and practices

Save time and increase productivity and profit.

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Cultivate teams with high employee retention.

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Increase confidence to lead your team to greatness.

Build independent groups into championship teams.

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Winning Leadership: How to Build A Culture of Collaboration, Cohesion, and Confidence
Your culture determines productivity, profit, employee retention, and engagement. Building and maintaining that culture is your future. Failure is imminent without a forward-thinking, inspired team who finishes what they start and focuses on the present moment. Failure is not an option to a culture that is built on collaboration, cohesion, and confidence. Stagnant views and old ways of thinking prohibit forward progress while dynamic and creative cultures promote championship action and gold medal finishes.

Sherry Winn, Two-Time Olympian, also took two college programs from losing cultures to winning ones, establishing the first and only national championship at one university while taking another losing program to back-to-back top eight teams in the country.


Develop admiration and trust among team members.

motivation and determination

Intensely focus on common goals so that you can win faster.

Seek mutual solutions to team challenges.

Have difficult conversations with ease.

Perform as a unit to reach the team’s highest potential.

Winning Leadership: Get Extraordinary Things Done Faster, On Time, Under Budget
When the clock is running down on a project, emotions are fragile, and the budget is expanding by the second, what does a great leader do—fold or find a way to make it happen? Guaranteed, if you are in this situation, the first challenge is to survive. The next one is to figure out how to thrive. Thriving is what Sherry Winn does. She brings common sense, simple steps, and practicality to the awareness of your team.
Getting things done faster, on time, under budget and exceptionally begins with the right attitude and continues with careful communication throughout the project.

As a Two-Time Olympian and National Championship Coach with the game clock always running, Sherry Winn knows the power of preparation, organization, and simplicity in the toughest of situations.

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leadership principles and practices

Double your productivity in half the time.​

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Use laser focus on priority issues to reach goals faster.

what is leadership coaching

Increase innovation and motivation for top results.

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Three secrets to save ten hours a week.

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Win Your Goals With A Championship Mentality.

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Winning Sales Champions: How to Sell Ten Times More in Half the Time
Championship sales teams require the understanding of what to say, when to say it, how to say it, and saying it the right way at the right time. Earning the gold medal in sales is cultivated through the ability to guide yourself before navigating your client to the right decision. Great salespeople don’t win sales through past accomplishments; they win sales through relationship trust.

Salespeople who honor and respect relationships with all people, especially themselves, outperform those who don’t. Period. You don’t have to possess the best talent to win championship status, but you do have to possess the right attitude. Sherry Winn, Two-Time Olympian and National Championship Coach led teams with limited budgets, resources, and facilities to the championship podium.


leadership in teams

Discover the number one secret to gaining instant respect.

leadership at work

Overcome anything and everything ten times faster.

leadership principles in school

View defeats as the first step to victory.

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Be fearless in your determination to achieve.

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Unleash their inner winners to gain greater confidence.

Winning Leadership: Seven Secrets Visionaries Use to Inspire Gold Medal Performance
There are visionaries and then there are visionaries of visionaries and leaders of leaders. Why is it that some leaders inspire team members to conquer Mount Everest while others can barely get their team to climb over the mole hill? The leaders who inspire gold medal performances are those who understand the secrets of leadership. The seven secrets are potent yet practical, simple yet effectual, and most of all teachable and sustainable.

Gold medal teams consistently perform at the highest level while maintaining a sense of integrity, humbleness, and playfulness. Work for champions is a synonym for joy. Sherry Winn, a collegiate Valedictorian, Athletic Hall of Famer, and a National Coach of The Year, used the seven secrets to inspire herself and her teams to championships.

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what is leadership coaching

Inspire gold medal performances.

learn about leadership principles

Triple the impact of your organization immediately.

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Three secrets to make rapid changes easily.

teach leadership principles

Find extraordinary solutions in half the time.

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Become the undeniable leader in your field.

Depending on your needs, Sherry Winn will alter her presentation so that your team members will receive the most benefits.

Sherry Winn’s presentations are filled with stories about her ability to get beyond challenges, so that she could reach her goals of becoming a Two-Time Olympian, National Championship Coach, Award-Winning Speaker and Author. Coach Winn’s presentations give you the principles to reach your goals and move beyond the seemingly impossible.

Sherry Winn has been able to transform herself from:

  1. Collegiate bench warmer to Two-Time Olympian.
  2. Debilitating chronic pain to hiking over 300 miles in one summer.
  3. Being fired from her first coaching job to National Coach of The Year.
  4. Dark depression and suicidal thoughts to Award Winning Author and Speaker.

Her transformational WINNING principles are the same ones she shares with you, your leadership team, and team members.

For Sherry Winn to become an Olympian, National Championship Coach, and overcome chronic pain, she had to:

  • Alter her thinking from what-if-down to what-if-up thinking.
  • Develop the WIN Philosophy which took her to the top.
  • Lead teams to a WINNING belief system.
  • Build championship programs with diverse people.
  • Unlock pressure to perform at her best.
  • Sell recruits on her championship philosophy; and
  • Become tough in the face of mammoth challenges.

Sherry Winn achieved success in spite of:

  • Not playing the Olympic Sport of team handball until 19 years old.
  • Being a bench warmer during her freshmen year of college ball.
  • 17 Medical Professionals diagnosing a no-win scenario with her chronic pain.
  • Severe depression and suicidal thoughts.
  • Being fired from her first coaching job.
Sherry Winn doesn’t just talk about winning; she shows you how to become a winner.
Craig Duswalt
Creator of the Rock Star System for Success

Sherry Winn shows your leaders and team members how to:

  • Navigate Success.
  • Identify and overcome their limiting beliefs.
  • Become tough in the face of challenges, so they can win their goals.
  • Work together to create championship teams.
  • Become WINNING leaders.

Sherry Winn inspires you to move through your limiting beliefs. She teaches you, your leadership team, and team members to do the mental push-ups necessary to move from excuses to accomplishments.


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