What will our new normal look like? While we all love to get back to what we know, our world has changed, and it will not be the same. Which direction we will go is uncertain, but a group at Deliotte Consulting and Salesforce theorized four predictions.

  • Our health care and political systems mount increasingly effective responses allowing the economy to rebound in 2021. In this scenario, confidence returns as does faith in our governing agencies. Virtual learning and conferences become the norm. Inequality between the classes is heightened but hope in the system overrides the fear of the gap.
  • Governments and health care systems labor with the pandemic, but company leadership provides a pathway to overriding the crisis. People embrace more technology as telecommuting becomes more prevalent. Faith in our government to provide answers diminishes.
  • The world power shifts as our counterparts in Eastern countries achieve better success in dealing with COVID-19. Fear of the shift in Western countries causes profound management legislation and policies. The travel industry nosedives.
  • The pandemic lasts longer than predicted. Rebellions increase as does isolationism mentality. Governments react through “Big Brother” scrutiny and control. The focus becomes on surviving independently and global environmental efforts are squashed.

This is the right time for organizational leaders to act, refocus, re-prioritize, innovate, and produce a positive vision for our country. While our government has often done the right thing, it is rarely been in the right timing. The government is a slow-moving organism often moving at the pace of a sloth as bureaucrats battle over party lines rather than the good of the country.

CEO’s can act quickly, decisively, and create positive change based on service, which also leads to higher production and increased profit. When C-Suite Executives search for the solution to the challenges of our country, the can execute effectively and efficiently creating benefits for the greater good.

The greater good is about decreasing the gap between the poverty line and middle class and the middle class and the elite. While money is not evil, nor making of it evil, hoarding of it creates the very thing that destroys power. Take the toilet paper and hand sanitizer hoarders as example. They created the supply demand by hoarding and then wanted to be rewarded. These folks were not heralded as heroes.

This is the time for leaders to save the country by being the heroes of opportunity, looking for ways to keep employees, add employees, and keep our economy from tanking. This is the time for leaders to provide hope, charity, vision, and purpose. This is the time when our CEO’s can make more than profit and production; they can move us out forward to a new world, which may not be the same, but better.