What is a victim?

Victims are people who blame outside circumstances, events or people for their problems. We have a tendency to think of a certain category of people as victims rather than seeing ourselves as victims. We hear when other people are blaming things for their demise, but do we hear ourselves?

  • “The reason I can’t get ahead in life is that I don’t have the right connections.”
  • “I can’t lose the weight because my family is all overweight. It is genetics.”
  • “It is not about what you know; it is about who you know. I don’t know the right people to get a good job.”
  • “I would have been a great athlete, but my father always told me that I would be a failure.”
  • “I would have gone into business for myself, but my high school teacher told me that 95% of all entrepreneurs fail.”

Some people call these reasons, but what they really are is excuses why you don’t have what you desire. Oh, I’m guilty. I’ve used one of all of those excuses at some time or another. It is easy to make excuses, because then I am not to blame. I point my finger at somebody else claiming it is not my fault. But does that really make me feel better?

Do you feel better when it is not your fault, but still living the life you don’t want?

Does an excuse make you to feel better or does it just keep you at status quo?

Deciding to stop being a victim and start taking responsibility for who and where you are in life, then and only then is change possible. If there are reasons why you can’t be, do or have something, you are stuck and powerless. Victims look for reasons why you can’t have something. Responsibility is looking for solutions.

I met a woman a couple of weeks ago who was in stage four lymphoma. Her physician recommended that she start saying goodbye to family and friends. Instead, she searched for and found solutions. She has defeated three different types of cancer in her life. THREE! Why? Because she didn’t succumb to being a victim. She didn’t allow other people to create her life. 

While this is an extreme example, it shows what is possible when you take responsibility for the creation of your life. No excuses. No reasons. JUST SOLUTIONS.

The power to believe and then create your life is possible. The first step is to recognize when you are giving your power away, and the second step is to accept no excuses. The final step is to take action toward what you desire and have faith that you can have it.