“You cannot move forward when your thought process is holding you to a backward pattern.” – Sherry Winn

People are interesting, aren’t they?

They say they want to get better, improve, be happier, make more money, have better relationships, and be healthier.

But as soon as effort is required, many people decide they are okay with being average, broke, and sad.

I understand life is challenging. In fact, we are often bombarded with one challenge after another. Sometimes we feel like the bottom is dropping out, like we are swimming against the tide, or like the detour will never end.

We feel that way because we don’t enjoy the contrast life offers. We have been trained to believe that if life doesn’t exactly line up the way we believe it should be, that something is drastically wrong, and that we should feel disappointed, frustrated, angry, bad, sad, mad, anxious, fearful, disenchanted, or like we are failures.

Our feelings are a choice.

What if we chose not to feel negative emotions? What if we simply chose to see our challenges as opportunity? How would changing our viewpoint about challenges change our experiences?

If we’ve been trained to think that bad things happen to us, then we label our experiences as good or bad. The truth is the experience just “is”. Our labels determine what it feels like to us.

How many times have you labeled an experience bad, only to reflect five years later that the experience you had was the very one that altered your life for the better?

Because we view life through a periscope, and we only see what is directly in front of us, we can’t know for certain what our experience really means.

Sherry Winn - Can You Choose to Not Feel Negative EmotionsWe waste hours, days, and sometimes years reliving the past that no longer exists. We emphasize the pain repeatedly until we feel like we were still in that scenario. We create the pain even when the pain no longer exists except in our head.

While we do not have control over our experiences, we do have control over how we feel about them. Our feelings can hinder us or propel us. Our feelings are a choice.

It took years to train my mind to see life differently, and I can help you train your mind faster and more effectively so you get over your past and live in your NOW. Don’t waste another minute with your past, let’s move you to your future. Email me for a FREE discovery session today at sherry@thewinningleadershipcompany.com.