Surrender to Your Goals

“Fear and faith are opposites. Fear forces you to try harder in a state of doubtfulness while faith allows you to be.” – Sherry Winn

Have you ever read that if you surrender to your goals, they will come?

What the heck does surrender mean? And how can you surrender to something you really want?

I asked each of my basketball players to write goals for the season, because I knew that players who wrote goals were 50-100% more likely to achieve them. Once my players wrote their goals, they wanted more than anything to achieve those goals, so they did the thing most people do – applied pressure on themselves to achieve those goals.

Once you apply pressure to yourself, you are in the state of resistance. There is a universal principle which states what you resist, persists. So, the more pressure you place on yourself, the more resistance you will discover.

So how do you move from wanting something without feeling the NEED to have it?

When you want something so badly that you feel horrible without it, you are not in the space of surrender. Surrendering means believing that you will receive it even without evidence that your goal is occurring.

Surrendering is faith in action.

When you want something badly and put all your energy into not having what you want, you surround yourself with the idea that you don’t have it.

The more you focus on not having what you desire, the more you feel bad. The more you feel bad, the less likely you are to act.

When you believe you will receive, then you act in faith. No matter what obstacle occurs in front of you, you continue moving forward knowing the outcome will be in your favor.

Surrendering is not inaction. Surrendering is action in faith, which allows your actions to flow. When you flow rather than fight, you are no longer in resistance.

Imagine you are playing a big game, the biggest game of your career, the Olympic Games. You feel the pressure of being on the biggest stage in the world. You want to play well. You want to win that gold medal. Yet, you discover that the harder you try, the worse you play.


Because you are not in the state of surrender, which means you are allowing the outcome to flow through you, rather than fighting the fear underneath the faith which tells you that you are not good enough.

Fear stops all faith. Fear does not allow you to surrender and to be in the flow.

Are you able to surrender to your goals?

P.S. If you’ve been trying a long time to reach a goal, and you’ve almost given up, now is the time to surrender and allow yourself to live in your goal. To learn how to surrender, email me for a FREE discovery call at

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