“We all possess the code to genius. Our job is to tap into our imagination and believe what we imagine is true and then live our truth.” – Sherry Winn

How do you define your genius code? Do you believe you are a genius?

The difference between the winners and the losers, those who do and those who want to do, those who accomplish and those who wish, those who achieve and those who have excuses, is not talent, nor I.Q.

NOPE. The difference is imagination.

Yep, you heard that right. I…M…A…G…I…N…A…T…I…O…N!

People who dream, who allow themselves to imagine a better day, who visualize creating a new type of company where team members surpass all goals, who give themselves permission to believe they can win championships year after year…. are the ones who achieve.

They imagine their lives.

They create through their thoughts. The ability to imagine is a gift we all possess, but few people hone this gift. WHY? Because you’ve been taught to limit your thinking. You’ve been told what cannot be done and you’ve bought into somebody else’s truth.

I know. I get it. Changing your thinking is challenging, because you must pay attention to your thoughts. You can’t allow your thoughts to wander. You increase your awareness. You quit allowing your thoughts to dictate you, and you control your thoughts.

George Bernard Shaw said,

“Progress is impossible without change, and if you cannot change your mind; you cannot change anything.”

Sherry Winn - What is your genius code.2The effort of commanding your thoughts requires practice and patience. AND…the effort is worth your time. BECAUSE…your genius is controlled by your imagination.

Everything that has occurred began with a thought: the table you use for meals, the lampshade, the coffee mug, Facebook, Google, eating habits, computers, glasses, telephones, EVERYTHING.

Imagine a life without imagination. Who would we be? Who would you be?

Your challenge is to imagine a new you.

Who could you be if every day you imagined yourself to be the next CEO, your perfect weight, the first woman president of the USA, the next All-American, or married to the perfect partner?

I can guarantee you one thing; if you don’t like your life, there are thoughts which have brought you to that life and have kept you there. Change your thoughts and you change your life.

I help people regain their ability to tap into their genius code. When you are prepared to live your genius, then contact me for a FREE discovery session today at sherry@thewinningleadershipcompany.com.