“Doubts are the disease that kills goals.” – Sherry Winn

You own grace if you have clearly defined who you are and what you want to accomplish in life…
AND then stay true to your definition and your desires.

Most people possess an inner winner that delves out pieces of dreams and goals—visions of the future that hold enormous potential. And…most people never allow themselves to live their dreams.

Sherry Winn - The secret to achieving goalsI’ve worked with a client, “Bob,” for the past three years. Bob is on a quest to become a major-league baseball player. When we first started working together, Bob had a clear vision of who he wanted to become, but his doubts outweighed his vision.

There were days that he believed his inner winner and then weeks would pass when he allowed fear to get the best of him. During the weeks when he allowed his fear to own him, he trained with reduced enthusiasm, meditated less frequently, and found subtle ways to sabotage his efforts.

When I met with Bob last week, I immediately saw that his belief outweighed his doubts. He exuded a different confidence. I said, “You are in the knowing. Your doubts are gone.”

He confirmed my thoughts by responding, “Yep. I know I’m living my dream.”

Bob hadn’t signed a contract nor been picked up by a team, but in his mind, he was playing in the Major Leagues. After years of allowing his mind to control his thoughts, he conquered his thoughts and commanded his mind.

If you question your dreams, if you waiver between certainty and skepticism, or if you skip from decisiveness to hesitation, you will find yourself dithering, dawdling, and dilly-dallying rather than taking firm action steps toward your goals.

The key to achieving your dreams is consistency of your thoughts, keeping the vision of accomplishing your goals even if you are nowhere near achieving them.

If you ask, “How will I achieve my goal?” or “When will I get a break?” your doubt has control.

When you have faith, you don’t need to ask questions.

When you have faith, you visualize and emotionalize your dreams until you can’t separate the real from the imagined. No matter what happens keep the consistency of your thoughts focused on your goals, and once you’ve convinced your mind, your goals will follow.

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