What is More Powerful – Mind or Body?

“What you think you can accomplish is the single greatest component for determining what you do accomplish.” – Sherry Winn

When I speak for athletic programs, I ask the question; “How many of you think that sports are 90% mental?

Inevitably, 98% of the athletes raise their hands. Then I ask them; “How many of you spend 30-45 minutes a day working on your mental game?

Usually nobody raises a hand.

Doesn’t this question remain true no matter what we talk about? Isn’t most of life mental?

Think about the challenge is in front of you. Is it more mental or physical? What do you convince first—the body or the mind? What stops you from reaching your goals? What prevents you from moving forward? What is the obstacle that foils your attempts at getting a raise, dating the person of your dreams, having the perfect relationship, making the money that you want, losing weight, or achieving financial freedom?

Sherry Winn - What is more powerful, body or mind.2During my 23 years of coaching college athletics, I knew one absolute fact: if a player didn’t think she could make a basket, she wouldn’t make the basket. If she didn’t think she was fast enough, strong enough, or tall enough to defeat her opponent, she wouldn’t win even if she possessed all the necessary skills for winning.

What is stopping you now from reaching your goals?

The mind so powerful that psychologist Irvine Kirsch, Ph.D., found in 2,300 patients in 19 randomized, double-blind clinical trials that most of their improvement was due to a placebo and not the actual medication. A PLACEBO!

In other words, when people thought that they would get better, they got better even when they weren’t on the medication. Hmm!

How much time are you spending training your mind?

If you belong to a group or a team that doesn’t believe they can accomplish their goals this year, contact me and I’ll come share the information I’ve gleaned from 30 years of coaching, reading, and studying. Email me today at sherry@thewinningleadershipcompany.com

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