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Moving Forward When Forward Doesn’t Feel Possible

During the past several weeks, the idea of moving forward is not in most people’s minds. Most people are in survival mode which prevents forward movement. Surviving might get you through COVID-19, but it won’t break the status quo. What is the difference? Surviving feels like resistance and stagnation. Avoidance and deflection are part of

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The New Normal: How CEO’s Can Help Us Adjust

What will our new normal look like? While we all love to get back to what we know, our world has changed, and it will not be the same. Which direction we will go is uncertain, but a group at Deliotte Consulting and Salesforce theorized four predictions. Our health care and political systems mount increasingly

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How Leaders Can Support Teams Overcoming COVID PTSD

Leaders cannot expect their team members to return to work as they left. Many people returning to work will be suffering from COVID PTSD. They will have experienced one or more of the following: Disconnection from work, projects, leaders, and peers. Health challenges. Anxiety/fear about financial situation. Loss of a loved one. Relationship issues. Trauma

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Winner’s Minutes: Smart Leaders Pivot Fast, Adjust, and Accept

During this time of heavy lay-offs where CEO’s are having to make tough emotional decisions about who remains with a paycheck and who must be let go, how do CEO’s cope with the stress? Every decision that a CEO makes during this economic downturn affects company dynamics, people, families, and communities. The health of a

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Sherry Winn - What is more powerful, body or mind
Winner’s Minutes

What is More Powerful – Mind or Body?

“What you think you can accomplish is the single greatest component for determining what you do accomplish.” – Sherry Winn When I speak for athletic programs, I ask the question; “How many of you think that sports are 90% mental?” Inevitably, 98% of the athletes raise their hands. Then I ask them; “How many of

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Sherry Winn - What is your genius code
Winner’s Minutes

What is Your Genius Code?

“We all possess the code to genius. Our job is to tap into our imagination and believe what we imagine is true and then live our truth.” – Sherry Winn How do you define your genius code? Do you believe you are a genius? The difference between the winners and the losers, those who do

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Sherry Winn - Can You Choose to Not Feel Negative Emotions
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Can You Choose to Not Feel Negative Emotions?

“You cannot move forward when your thought process is holding you to a backward pattern.” – Sherry Winn People are interesting, aren’t they? They say they want to get better, improve, be happier, make more money, have better relationships, and be healthier. But as soon as effort is required, many people decide they are okay

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Coach Sherry Winn - Surrender to Your Goals
Winner’s Minutes

Surrender to Your Goals

“Fear and faith are opposites. Fear forces you to try harder in a state of doubtfulness while faith allows you to be.” – Sherry Winn Have you ever read that if you surrender to your goals, they will come? What the heck does surrender mean? And how can you surrender to something you really want?

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achieving goals
Winner’s Minutes

The Secret to Achieving All Goals

“Doubts are the disease that kills goals.” – Sherry Winn You own grace if you have clearly defined who you are and what you want to accomplish in life… AND then stay true to your definition and your desires. Most people possess an inner winner that delves out pieces of dreams and goals—visions of the

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inspirational books

Are You Telling Yourself Fact or Fiction?

“Truth is bent to the imagination of the mind. Your truth is limited by your determination to see what you want.” -Sherry Winn How often do you tell yourself the truth, only to discover that the truth you told yourself was fiction? Truth are words you tell yourself. Your truth comes from your perception of

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